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Dear Dave, I just wanted to send you a note to tell you again how completely thrilled and content I am with my beautiful, new, hand-carved Iriguchi Ukulele. The tone is so rich and clear, my heart can barely let my hands stop playing. Ukulele "Savanna" has brought so...

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Shop Update – The Monkey

First update for The Monkey, a Birdseye and Poplar tenor with a Maple neck. We're actually not sure of the origin of the name but we couldn't resist placing this video to put us in the mood. Shock the Monkey! So now that we have a soundtrack to our update, here we go!...

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Three new ukuleles make their debuts!

Three new ukuleles are ready to leave the shop. Click on the links below to see more pictures of  them in the gallery. Akinori - Keystone concert ukulele in ancient Kauri wood and Poplar Duke - Keystone tenor ukulele in Birdseye Maple and deeply mineral-stained Poplar...

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Matanuska is our first commemorative T-shirt

™Our first commemorative shirt is the image from Matanuska's back. We'll be releasing these shirts periodically just for fun. The shirts will have the Iriguchi Ukuleles logo on the front and a big image of the ukulele on the back. Smile when you play...

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