in the workshop

a peek through the workshop window (if there was one)

the iPbass pickups just arrived

More progress on the iPbass. We just got in our Geezer Butler signature pickups from EMG so we'll be routing the body to get it ready for the electronics. We're progressing on the neck and the truss rod gets installed next. Good fun.

Our Little Bass is Taking Shape

We're working on a solid body, short-scale, electric bass. Here's where we are so far. The solid body is plywood. Since she's a prototype, we're going with simple utilitarian wood. Not too heavy, not too light, but very stable and strong. It's something we can really...

Shop Update: ukulele_Triumph

A new chopsticks braced ukulele is taking shape in the shop. Named "Triumph" for a number of reasons, it represents the pinnacle of our chopstick bracing development. There are two key improvements to our design shown here. The first is clearly visible. We added two...

We Learned a Lot at Napa

After chatting with lots of folks at the Wine Country Ukulele Festival, we came away with good information about what people are looking for in ukuleles and we went right to the workshop. We're building up several new Keystone tenors and a couple of concerts to start....