We’ve got a new tenor on its way through the shop. It goes by the name Bruce and will be a custom painted acoustic Keystone. We’ve been hard at work and are making great progress. Here are some current pix.

poplar body for tenor ukulele

Ribs are bent, kerfed and neck & end blocks are in. A very nice start.

Mahogany kerfing in a tenor ukulele

Detail image of Bruce's Mahogany kerfing. The kerfing gives the back- and sound-boards a solid surface to glue onto.

Poplar back board for a tenor ukulele

Bruce's back and sides will be painted so we used a nice pale Poplar to lay our colors over. The back and sides have a minimum of mineral streaking.

AAA grade, tight-grain, quartersawn Redwood...beautiful.

It's like a kit at this point, ready for assembly. Well...not quite ready, but moving right along!

Next up we’ll be refining the neck. Smile when you play that!™