Building the happiest instruments on Earth!

Our ukuleles

We love to build ukuleles because ukuleles are personal. Each one is a unique piece of functional art that means something special to the person who owns it. When a person chooses an ukulele, even if it’s one among many just like it, they do so for a reason. And that ukulele becomes ‘theirs’. That personal connection is a key reason why building ukuleles is so rewarding for us.

At the core, of course, each instrument must produce beautiful sound. That is the fundamental destination, but there is more than one way to get there. Our focus is not so much on rare, exotic woods or deep, mirror finishes. Our focus is on making ukuleles that appeal to people in a personal way, ukuleles that become ‘theirs’. So we build ukuleles with a bit of personality, in different shapes, sizes and configurations, so people can choose one or have one built that reflects them. We even offer custom painting for the ultimate personalized ukulele.