I love Poplar! It’s so varied and yet so consistent at the same time. I mean it’s workability is so consistent and yet visually it can vary wildly. When I’m building an ukulele with a specific personality, I search through my stock of Poplar looking for the right visual image. If it’s not there I go hang around my wood suppliers until I find it. Here is a good example. Cebollo is inspired by the ocean, the surf. It flows, it surges, it seeks it’s level. This piece of Poplar, I think portrays that beautifully.

Here is the same piece of Poplar in our cold bender. We’ll pull it out of here and then leave it in our mould for a couple days to set the shape. Then the neck and heel blocks go in. Progress.

In this image the ribs are about to come out of the bender. Clamps have been removed and some of the wedges.

Smile when you play that!™