Woolly & Bully are moving along nicely now. We braced Woolly’s sound board and glued it in place today. He’s got our signature interlocking ladder bracing and we did them in Poplar so they look very nice against the Mammoth Kauri.

Keydtone tenor ukulele gets its sound board glued on

Here's Woolly in the solera getting his soundboard glued in place. He's trussed up tight.

We are very unusual in that we glue the neck on before we close up the body. One advantage to this is that we can glue the neck with a lot of pressure. The sound board actually sets the initial alignment and then the back board anchors it.

Keystone tenor ukulele with newly braced back board

Woolly is out of the solera, his back board is braced and ready to be glued.

Keystone concert ukulele with Iriguchi interlocking ladder bracing

Woolly's soundboard is in place and she's ready to be closed up.


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