Busy day in the shop today. We were in the zone. I’m a giant sawdust-ball. OK here’s the run-down.


All maple tenor ukulele

Today on Maples we braced her sound board, cut her soundhole, attached her neck and attached her sound board. Major progress.

Custom Keystone soundhole and side port mimic the shape of our Keystone body

Maples has a pale palette. Birdseye on the sides and quilted Maple on the front and back

Interior is nearly done. Next we'll install her K&K Sound Twinn Spot internal pickup



Akinori has a ancient Kauri wood sound board. Here's a detail pic of his bracing.

Next up, we attach the neck and install a K&K Sound pickup



We started shaping the neck joint on Breeze. The cantilevered fretboard on archtops is tricky to install

That's why we call it a FatBottom, 'cause that bottom is fat!

Breeze is starting to take shape.


Duke & More

Yep it was a busy day today. Tomorrow we’ll be bracing the Duke, installing some pickups and bracing some backs. Oh we also started a new thin-body travel tenor and another concert. One is setting in a mould and the other is in the bender. Smile when you play that!™