Duke is flowing smoothly through the shop. Terrific progress. He’ll be in finishing this week.


In this image we are attaching Duke's neck. The primary reason we attach the neck before closing the body is so we can get good clamping pressure on the neck joint.

Next we install the K&K Sound Twin Spot internal pickup.

With the pickup and neck installed we close up the body. This nice example of Poplar has a lovely light streak up the center like a surfboard stringer.

Next the fretboard goes on. One of the trickier steps even though it appears pretty straight forward.

With his bridge installed, Duke now goes to final sanding and he'll be ready for finishing.

A little Rosewood heel cap finishes the back

Birdseye Maple...the pock-marked grain imitates the look of a wave washing up on a pebbly beach

Smile when you play that!™