Ukulele “Persistence” is our newest concept micro-bass. We live in times of deep division and unrest and hopefully this bass can bring some rhythm and guidance and get us grooving together again. Her unusual design and appearance indicate her willingness to take a new approach to an old problem.

detail images

Ukulele Persistence is a FatBottom, Semi-hollow, micro-bass in mahogany. She has dual jet-intake sound holes, a carbon fiber-reinforced asymmetric neck and our in-house, drilled-through, compensated bridge. The semi-hollow body is extremely rigid and produces a very unusual tone with extended sustain. She is setup with silver-plated round-wound strings with EADG tuning and incorporates a zero fret for very low action. Since the jet-intake sound holes provide limited access to the body, we have cut an access port on her back for re-stringing. 

The body and neck are painted in a Mid-Century Modern style using milk paint. The milk paint finish is extremely durable and environmentally-friendly too. 

Interested in your own Iriguchi Ukulele?