“Aces”gets her name from the four small knot holes in her soundboard in between the soundhole and the bridge. They add an nice little accent to the quilted maple soundboard and are repeated on the back. The front and back boards were cut sequentially from the same block of wood and then bookmatched.

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Ukulele Aces is an IDeale™ Keystone. She has an IDeale-size body with an IDeale 16″-scale neck. She has our signature interlocking ladder bracing and a reinforced side port. She comes with a K&K Sound Aloha Twin pickup and is tuned low-G. Despite her Maple soundboard and back she has a surprisingly mellow voice. The brightness of the Maple is offset by the mellowing tendencies of the Poplar sides. Aces also features our new drilled-through bridge.


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