Chocolate is a Keystone, acoustic/electric tenor, with our unusual “chopsticks” bracing. She has richly-stained Poplar on her back and sides with a chocolate-colored, figured Sapele soundboard. Our chopsticks bracing frees up the soundboard in the center below the sound hole. This enhances the volume and sustain. In addition this ukulele is tuned re-entrant baritone D-G-B-E, which is sometimes called bari-tenor. The D-string is tuned one octave higher than standard baritone which is what makes this tuning possible on a 17″ tenor scale.

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Was this ukulele named “Chocolate” because I’m originally from chocolate-town Hershey, Pennsylvania? Maybe. Or perhaps because of the box of See’s candies tempting me from the side of my desk as I named her? Probably.

“Chocolate” is named for her chocolate-colored, figured Sapele sound board. She is our first uke with this Mahogany-like wood and she will not be our last because it has wonderful tone and it’s beautiful too. The figured Sapele works and feels much like Mahogany just slightly heavier with a brighter ring and more resilience.

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