Acoustic/electric, semi-hollow, FatBottom™ super-soprano in Padauk and Maple.

Ukulele “Dragon” is complete!

Ukulele Dragon is complete! She’s an electric, semi-hollow, super-soprano, in padauk and birdseye maple. She uses a new method of construction that creates a deeper semi-hollow body. Her sides are carved from a single billet of padauk but her back is glued on. This gives her a significantly deeper body but maintains the ultra-rigid, semi-hollow body. As with  our other semi-hollows, she has amazing sustain which will only get better over time.

July 30, 2015

Quite a lot of changes since last update. Soundboard is braced and attached. Pickup is installed. Fretboard has been slotted, fretted, glued on and side-dots added. Bridge is next but our drill press got replaced and the new one was missing it’s chuck. So we are without our drill press until tomorrow so we can’t finish the bridge. We’ll be finishing in the next few days.

July 17, 2015

Dragon’s neck is shaped and is ready to be attached to her body. The neck is inset into the body .25 inches. The joint is very strong and very stable. Next up, we’ll be cutting the sound hole and closing up the body (as well as install the pickup).

July 9, 2015

Dragon is moving through the shop. Her sides have been carved, we’ve closed up her back and the rough shaping of her body is complete.  Next up we’ll be shaping her neck and bracing her maple soundboard. The new semi-hollow construction is outstanding.

Ukulele “Dragon” is a more compact companion to ukulele “Demon”. She is a semi-hollow compact using a new method of construction. Her sides were carved from a single billet but her back was glued on. This give us the ultra-rigid sides of a semi-hollow with a bit more depth. This construction also requires less shaping with chisels and rasps.

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