“Ma’alaea” is named for one of Diana and my, favorite places on Earth (so far). It’s located between Kihei and Lahaina on Maui. It’s close to everything on Maui, has a beautiful beaches and is far from the maddening crowd. It’s our favorite place in paradise. Ukulele Ma’alaea’s birdseye maple top reminds me of a wave receding off a pebbled beach.

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Ukulele Ma’alaea is an IDeale™ concert Keystone. That is, she has an IDeale-size body with a concert, 15″-scale neck. The slightly larger IDeale body gives her a nice, full, tenor-like voice while her concert-scale neck makes her easily playable for people with smaller hands. Her big voice is surprising for a concert ukulele. She comes with a K&K Sound Aloha Twin pickup and is tuned low-G.


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