“Petrichor” is the pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell. Familiar but special, you notice it and then it’s gone, hidden by the rain. This ukulele is made with familiar woods, mahogany and sapele but it’s design is special. You notice it but then it’s gone, hidden by the music!

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Ukulele Petrichor is a mahogany and sapele, FatBottom, semi-hollow, tenor. The monotone woods give her a traditional color but her unusual design is modern. Her body is carved from a single block of Mahogany with our unique jet-intake sound holes. This body is very much like a drum, extremely rigid on the back and all the vibration comes forward from the sound board. The rigid body produces outstanding sustain and is quite loud. She includes our carbon-fiber-reinforced neck, drilled-through bridge and a K&K Sound Aloha Twin pickup.

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