Short-Scale Bass Concept (SSC)

Solid-body, electric, short-scale (30-inch) bass in “stunning” plywood and ash.

detail images

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“SSC” is simply Short-Scale Concept. This will be the first version to get public scrutiny and it will debut at the Palm Springs Ukulele Festival. The body is in it’s fourth generation and this is our second pickup configuration. Despite the short scale (30-inches), we went with a full 24-fret neck. This kept our P and J pickups relatively close together but we’re getting good differentiation between the two. The twin neck pickups have a nice mellow tone and the bridge pickup has a distinct growl which gives us a nice range of tones in between. The scale is perfect for smaller hands. The reach at the first position is still a stretch to get four frets, but it’s definitely doable. This bass is simply to much fun!

The finish is done in milk paint. It is painted on in layers and then distressed. No need to worry about getting that first scratch, we put it in for you.

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