We’ve started a new semi-hollow tenor with a quarter-sawn Padauk body. It will have a Birdseye Maple soundboard and neck. It’s an ultra-slim concept ukulele that is focused on comfort and playability. this one is going to be all about performance, hence the moniker “Formula One.” The back and sides will be carved from a single solid billet of quartersawn Padauk and we just found the lumber for his soundboard today…an incredible piece of Birdseye Maple. It’s got so much figure in it, I suspect it is going to be pretty difficult to saw.

This Padauk is incredibly hard wood. When you tap it, it rings like it's ceramic.

In this image you can see that the body is coming along nicely. We are currently thinning the back and sides. The thick part at the bottom edge is for the electric pickup jack and strap button. The kerfing is sculpted into the top edge and the whole structure is so rigid we won’t add any additional bracing. This one is going to have a flat top in Birdseye Maple with an asymmetric soundhole.

Smile when you play that!™