Introducing ukulele “Connor”. Connor is our first “fatbottom” ukulele. He is a semi-hollow, all-Mahogany, flattop ukulele with a cutout. We call this design a “fatbottom” because the bottom or lower bout is, well… fat. It’s a full 9 inches across. We did this to maximize volume and sustain even though the body itself is less than 2 inches at its thickest.


That's one big bottom!


From the side Connor is just 1.75 inches at the thickest point.


Because this ukulele is so flat it is extraordinarily comfortable to hold and sits very close to your body. From the top Connor looks fairly standard with a box-shaped side, but his bottom edge is quite rounded. Because of his semi-hollow construction we can make the waist “bend” extremely tight. This wasp waist feels great in your hands.


Nothing but buttery smooth curves against you


Here are a few shots of Connor’s wicked curves.


Dangerous curves ahead! The neck move smoothly into the cutout curve.


Not many corners to jab you when you cradle this ukulele


The ultra-tight waist would be very difficult to achieve with traditional bending


Finally here a few more pictures of Connor. Enjoy!


We ran the fretboard up past the nut to soften the transition from the headstock up over the nut


This image shows just hw tight the waist curve is



I love the look of all Mahogany...clean, understated, beautiful.


All that's left is the pickin' and strummin'!


Smile when you play that!™