Formula 1, the cutting edge, Black Box, Area 51…this is our current concept ukulele. It’s an asymmetric, semi-hollow, flattop, electric tenor that is built for speed. It’s executed in Padauk and Curly Maple giving it a nearly unbelieveable cardinal and gold color. On a machine like this the details are irrelevant, it’s all about the gestalt, the chi, the Force. Feel it!


Not your father's ukulele...this one throws convention to the wind!


If you think that back looks comfortable to hold, you would be correct.


F1 is asymmetrical in nearly every direction. It's all about comfort.


Other than the neck joint. F1 looks fairly standard in this top view


...but from the bottom view it's all organic.



Zoom, zoom!


Again, it's all about the comfort. Tapered inset neck joint.


A round soundhole just didn't seem like it belonged here.



Zero fret makes the nut placement very accurate


It's like a butt-print in the sand




Smile when you play that!