Ancient Alaskan ukulele or clever hoax?

An ancient stringed instrument was found this week on the banks of the Matanuska River in Alaska. Unusually high flows in the spring had cut deeply into the river banks exposing long buried strata and this incredible ukulele, dubbed “Matanuska”

Area man who found "Matanuska"

An area man who initially discovered "Matanuska" said, "Yes I found her. It was way over there. Are you from People Magazine?"

The astounding find was initially believed to be hundreds of years old based on the remarkably well-preserved native American painting on the back and sides. Experts however revised their estimates when they discovered Grover 14:1 geared tuning machines, and a sweet sounding K&K Sound Twin Spot internal pickup.

Photo of the ukulele as it was found on the river bank recently exposed by the powerful river.

Is it really an ancient native Alaskan ukulele or is it an acoustic/electric hand-painted ukulele from Iriguchi Ukuleles in Carmichael, CA. Look at these images and you decide.

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