They are coincidently named Luciano, Placido and Jose… and they no doubt can sing, but these are not those three tenors. These are three tenors that came through our shop concurrently and although they may have some similarities they are each unique.


First is Luciano.

This tenor is an acoustic/electric keystone ukulele with a modified V-neck in Maple and a short 16″ scale. The Maple neck is super comfortable and the short scale is perfect for smaller hands. You get the big sound of a tenor body but the smaller fret size of a concert length scale.


Second is Placido.

This tenor is an acoustic keystone with a modified v-profile neck executed in Mahogany. This neck is medium depth and very comfortable to hold and play. Placido includes a side port and his premium fluorocarbon strings are tuned low-G. The sound board is beautiful birdseye Maple for a nice bright sound.


And third of course, is Jose.

Jose is strikingly similar to Placido with the exception of his neck. This is our thin line profile and this shape is for those who prefer a thinner, flatter neck. This uses a 17″ scale and also has a birdseye Maple sound board. Jose has no side ports and uses standard GCEA tuning. A little less flash…just a beautiful voice.

Smile when you play that!™