Sawdust is everywhere! Another busy week in the workshop. Let’s just jump right in.


Bruce got closed up today. We need to start planning his paint work.

Brice is closed up and ready for his fretboard.


Bruce's back is a nice pale, even-toned Poplar. Gives us a nice smooth canvas for painting.


Ooooh, look at all that lovely bracing!



Cebollo is moving along nicely too. He got his soundboard braced and glued and his neck attached. Next we’ll be bracing his backboard, installing his pickup and then closing up the box. Looks like this week is going to have fretboards on the menu.

Our signature interlocking ladder bracing makes our ukuleles sing!


Cebollo's front and back boards were chosen specifically for their surfboard look

Woolly & Bully

The ancient twins both got closed up today. We have high hopes for this pair with their ancient Mammoth Kauri wood sound boards. The boxes ring like a bell!

One concert and one super concert, both with 50,000 year old Kauri soundboards!


…and lastly, introducing Renata

Renata is our newest SemiHollow soprano. Body is Curly Maple and sound board is Padauk


We have her roughed out and are beginning to shape the outside and thin from the inside.


Thinning fromt he inside is tedious and difficult with such hard wood. Nice quarter saw though.


Nothin' but smooth curves...Mmm...

And that ladies and gentlemen, is what we have been up to in the ukulele shop.
Smile when you play that!