We’ve been very busy lately getting ready for the Reno Ukulele Festival but we’re having some fun in the ukulele workshop too. Too much computer work makes Dave a dull boy so we make sure to play in the sawdust a bit as well.



Acoustic, tenor, KeyStone ukulele with sideport

Ukulele Bruce is all closed up and ready for final sanding. It's weird how plain the wood looks before the finish goes on.

Back view of acoustic, tenor, KeyStone ukulele showing Poplar back

We used a nice pale Poplar back on Bruce since he will be painted. This gives us a nice bright canvas to work with. A rosewood accent will be added to the heel of the neck.

Indian Rosewood fretboard on KeyStone acoustic, tenor ukulele

With the fretboard in place, we get to final sanding

Once the final sanding is done we'll install the bridge and send him to finishing

Next up for Bruce, We’ll put a urethane finish on his neck and soundboard and start work on the artwork for his painted back and sides.



K&K Sound Twin Spot internal pick up installed in an acoustic, KeyStone tenor ukulele

Cebollo's K&K pickup is installed with twin piezos secured to the bridge plate

Cebollo's back is braced and has a light support glued over the book-match seam

Cebollo gets his back glued in place in our custom solera

This nicely streaked Poplar back was chosen because it resembles a surfboard

Wavy streaks in Cebollo's sides...like a surging flow of water.

Next up for Cebollo, we install the bridge and send him to finishing. We’ll finally get see his true colors.



Great progress on Renata. Her body is closed up, her neck is in place and now her fretboard is installed as well.

Renata gets her fretboard glued in place.

Next up for Renata is final sanding, install her bridge and she’s off to finishing!

These three will all be in finishing by tomorrow.

Smile when you play that!™