It’s a device that strikes fear in the hearts of men. Just the sound of it approaching makes you cringe and sweat. It is one of the most fear-inducing devices ever created and this is a truly scary example. Built in probably the 1940s, this articulated monster resembles the coiled arms a Praying Mantis. It’s long bony appendage twists and moves in an impossible manner and it’s piercing banshee whine will curdle your blood. Yes, I’m speaking of… the dental drill. Aaauugghh!!!

Dad gave me this crazy looking drill to use to polish and clean up frets. I cleaned it up a bit but the wiring looks shot. It’s all taped up and the insulation is broken and the plug is unlike any I’ve ever seen.

But just on a whim, I plugged it in anyway. Hmm…no sparks or smoke…that’s good. Let’s try the foot switch. Hot Dog! It fired right up and started spinning! So Dad’s 50 or 60 year old drill works just fine, it just needs some clean up and some new wiring, oh and a new belt too, that could be problem but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


So we have a new fret-polishing wonder tool. Sweet!

Smile when you play that!™



So I went to a local Radio-Control Hobby shop to see if I could get the power cord and switch cord replaced. I’m in this huge store filled with hundreds of electric cars, planes, boats, helicopters, etc. There are four guys at the counter and one customer, me. After all four of them ignored me for as long as they could stand, one finally asked me disdainfully what I wanted.

I explained that I had this electric motor and I wanted to get the powercord replaced and the switch wire replaced. He looked at the motor like I was showing him a dead fish.

“I wouldn’t have any idea how to do that.” he said. “Maybe you should take it to Best Buy and see if they can do it.” The other three guys look up but make no comment.

Seriously? These four guys work on electric motors all day, everyday. The motor and switch work fine, I just need the wires changed and they “have no idea how to do that”. There’s a long workbench behind the counter, it’s got motors all over it, big spools of wire on the wall, tons of tools. Disappointing but we are undaunted.