May 19, 2012

Maples will go to finish this week. Pretty complex build for a Keystone with lots of little keystone details. The sound hole, side soundport, heel cap and bridge are all keystone shaped. Maples is currently in final sanding and will head to finishing this week.

Attaching fretboards is a bit like squeezing two slippery blocks of ice together. They want to slip and slide as soon as you apply any pressure.

Keystone heel plate matches the Rosewood fo the fretboard. The quilted Maple on Maples is simple incredible.

With bridge in place Maples moves to final sanding and then it's on to finish.

Even Maples bridge is keystone shaped. This is a custom bridge. Look at that shimmery quilted Maple.

Smile when you play that!™


May 15, 2012

Maples is coming along nicely. Yesterday was fretboard day and we got Maples’ fretboard slotted, fretted and cut. We also added her rosewood accent to her back in a keystone shape which has been repeated throughout this ukulele. Fretboard goes on today, then it’s on to final sanding.

Maples has a back tab in the shape of our keystone body. This was a special request

Maples quilted Maple back and soundboard are quit striking.


May 9, 2012

Ukulele “Maples” is moving right along. Her body is bent, blocked, kerfed and her sideport is cut. Maples has a custom keystone sideport which mimics her keystone body shape. Here you can see her Birdseye Maple sides and neck.
Today we re-sawed and book-matched her quilted maple front- and back-boards. Planing the highly figured wood was an extra challenge but we got it done and we’ll start bracing tomorrow. Her neck is also ready to be attached to the body. Progress.