First update for The Monkey, a Birdseye and Poplar tenor with a Maple neck. We’re actually not sure of the origin of the name but we couldn’t resist placing this video to put us in the mood. Shock the Monkey!

So now that we have a soundtrack to our update, here we go!

Ribs in the bender for concert ukulele The Monkey

Creamy white Poplar ribs in the bender for The Monkey. The first side has already been bent and this is the second side. Our ribs are bent as one piece.

Gluing kerfing in a concert ukulele

With her neck and end blocks in place, The Monkey’s soundboard kerfing goes in. Our kerfing here is Mahogany which contrasts nicely with the light Poplar.

After the body is profiled, the backside kerfing is glued in place. The body has been arched at this point.

Birdseye Maple soundboard for concert ukulele

The Monkey’s Birdseye Maple backboard. The bookmatched Maple is simply loaded with eyes!

And here is the soundboard. Beautiful. The soundboard at this unsanded rough stage is just about 2mm.

So we’re moving along on the Monkey! Smile when you play that!™