This is the ukulele that we will be giving away at the upcoming Reno Ukulele Festival!




Her name is “The Bernoulli Principle.” How did she end up with such an unfortunate name? Sorry, it’s just how my brain works. As the ukulele was coming together, I was book matching the back when I noticed a curious pattern in the grain. It immediately made me think back to high school science class and the Bernoulli Principle. An image of an illustration of the principle popped into my head and that was it. Game over. I couldn’t name it anything else.



The Bernoulli Principle however is a very elegant notion and it actually describes some of the science that allows for winged flight.


So anyway that’s how she got her name, but what really matters is that one lucky person will take this ukulele home from the giant raffle at the festival. You can see a more detailed description of her at this link, The Bernoulli Principle.


More on “The Bernoulli Principle”

In fluid dynamicsBernoulli’s principle states that for an inviscid flow of a nonconducting fluid, an increase in the speed of the fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure or a decrease in the fluid‘s potential energy.[1][2] The principle is named after Daniel Bernoulli who published it in his book Hydrodynamica in 1738.[3]