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In the Shop


Our focus in the shop right now is turning to semi-hollows. We have a couple of new Keystones in the works as well, but the current work queue is mostly semi-hollows including our first IDeale. Also a steel-string IUbass, or short scale semi-hollow bass is in the works. That one will be all Mahogany.  We’re also working on a 27″ inch scale solid body bass. It’ shaping up to be an interesting summer in the shop.

design philosophy

Our design philosophy can probably be best described as “dynamic.”

sizes & styles

From sub-soprano to bari-tenor…and many in between! Semi-hollows, Manzer wedges, asymmetric necks, even the occasional archtop. Jet-intake soundholes, 5-strings, ‘chopstick’ bracing with hidden bits of carbon fibre here and there. Always down with style of course!

wabi sabi finishing

A Japanese aesthetic…simplicity, natural beauty & subtle bling.


Some sound samples of our ukuleles. More are in the works.

“Iriguchi” translates from Japanese as ‘entrance’. You’ll see our name on doors and entries in Japan and Japan-towns around the world.