Diana, Dave & Dieter

Iriguchi Ukuleles is Diana and me. We are a husband/wife team. I am the luthier and web guy and Diana is my inspiration, muse & accountant. Oh, and Dieter & Wiley are our shop dogs. Dieter's a German Shepherd and Wiley is a Belgian Shepherd. They keep the riff-raff out of the shop so I can work. I build our ukuleles in a little workshop here in Carmichael, California, which is just outside Sacramento.

What we do...

Our goal is to make special ukuleles. We hope that by doing that it will make people happy and make them smile more than they do already. We'd love to hear your ideas about what makes a great ukulele. It's a journey and we invite you to come along.

How we go about it...

Our designs are rooted in tradition but not constrained by it. We strive to build instruments in an environmentally responsible way by reducing our use of exotic woods wherever possible and by exploring "greener" finishes.
design philosophy

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