Back from Palm Strings and back in the shop

PSUF2015Palm Strings was a grand time! This was our first real venture into Southern California and we truly enjoyed ourselves. Got to visit with lots of old friends, make lots of new friends, hear plenty of music and ended up coming back with a whole bunch of new ideas for ukuleles. We’ll be going full speed from now until Reno and beyond.

We’re working on a special Triumph Bonneville-inspired ukulele. This is one of those ideas that pops into your head and then simply won’t go away. We’re also working on another semi-hollow super-soprano in the spirit of ukulele Maria (ukulele Maria was delivered in Palm Springs!). Then there’s a sub-soprano code-named “Little Ali” in exotic plywood (really nice plywood though) with a Mammoth Kauri soundboard. Not to mention a travel-depth tenor in cedar, a left-handed 5-string with a Manzer wedge, several different IDeales, a new steel-string bass in mahogany and a partridge in a pear tree. Indeed!

Visit our sister site The Happy Ukulele and learn the ‘way of the ukulele’!

upcoming shows


7th Annual
Reno Ukulele Festival
April 30 – May 3, 2015

design philosophy

Our design philosophy can probably be best described as “dynamic.”

sizes & styles

From sub-soprano to bari-tenor…and many in between! Semi-hollows, Manzer wedges, asymmetric necks, even the occasional archtop. Jet-intake soundholes, 5-strings, ‘chopstick’ bracing with hidden bits of carbon fibre here and there. Always down with style of course!

wabi sabi finishing

A Japanese aesthetic…simplicity, natural beauty & subtle bling.


Some sound samples of our ukuleles. More are in the works.