Our GHS Strings are Here!

Our GHS Strings are Here!

Our artist-curated GHS strings just came in. These are string sets that Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel worked with GHS to develop. We’ve been very happy with how these tested and these will be our new OEM strings for our IDeale™ and tenor ukuleles. They have good...

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upcoming shows


7th Annual
Reno Ukulele Festival
April 30 – May 3, 2015

design philosophy

Our design philosophy can probably be best described as “dynamic.”

sizes & styles

From sub-soprano to bari-tenor…and many in between! Semi-hollows, Manzer wedges, asymmetric necks, even the occasional archtop. Jet-intake soundholes, 5-strings, ‘chopstick’ bracing with hidden bits of carbon fibre here and there. Always down with style of course!

wabi sabi finishing

A Japanese aesthetic…simplicity, natural beauty & subtle bling.


Some sound samples of our ukuleles. More are in the works.